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Submitted on
April 4, 2008
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John Henryism

I feel like a tall man,
I feel like a tall man,
I feel like seeing further than anyone else can.

Everyone gets in fighting moods,
I just like to fight big things.
Maybe I’m a giant myself.

This is the bottom of some kind of barrel,
Not the legend barrel just yet, but I’m trying,
Can I ever be forgiven this one selfish thing?

My eyes begin to pierce the darkness but my faith no longer does!
I don’t care, I really don’t care,
I’m the most dangerous thing out here.

I feel no equality in the way she matches me,
No way to cope with the love I feel.
And why am I making a challenge of the wrong things?

My eyes begin to pierce the darkness but my faith no longer does!
I need help, I really need help,
Making this world (also my world) insurmountable is bad for my health.

Machine sputtering behind on the railroad,
I’m still breathing,
But not for long.

Anything that will help you…
I’ll fight anything that threatens your inspiration.
Until it comes to me, I mean that.

My first post here. Directly, it's about the way that I make an epic battle of everything I deal with. Indirectly, I extend it to the world. It's compared to the story of John Henry, yes, but John Henryism is also already a term of its own.
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saintfighteraqua Apr 19, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
People all say things without thinking huh?
The beginning makes Me feel even shorter, lol.
Nice job.
Lol, thanks. Fun fact: The "tall man" beginning originated in an entirely different poem... one which was written when I was unbelievably caffeinated. ^_^
Very well expressed.
It´s like getting angry about every single dumb person you hear talking, right?
Interesting poems you read =)
Thanks! ^_^ Eh? I don't know if it's necessarily anger I feel when people say dumb things... maybe more like disappointment, depending on what it is. Incidentally though, I do fight things that threaten inspiration... which is often the stupid things that come out of their own mouth.
You´re welcome.
True, too true...
bof-chan Apr 5, 2008
Awwh! Great poem! :hug: ^^
Thanks for the comment and infinite hugs! :P
bof-chan Apr 7, 2008
Yes! Be afraid! Be very afraid~!! >8D
Welcomesies~!! :hug:/:glomp:
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